Earn Money from Swom
How To Create Gold Evangelist And Earn Shares?

So by now your requested free members to your contact list and you have noticed that they have replied. This next part requires you to be gold so that you can take advantage of this awesome benefit. Click here to get a swom account.

Once you’re gold, you go to the free members account and you need to add a constructive message with the word ‘gold’ in it. This is outlined in the swom income page. Once you have done this, when the member has upgraded their account you receive ‘shares’ in their success. For every person who upgrades to swom gold you obtain, ‘10’ shares.

For example, I have been a gold member for 4 days and I have had 15 people go gold so I have 150 shares. Depending how proactive you are in looking for contacts will determine how many share you will obtain.