Earn Money from Swom
Many of my friends that I invited to swom asked me how they can earn money from SWOM or the Super Word of Mouth, one of the social networking group that I really like.  It is not really that hard to earn money online but let me tell you some background about SWOM once again.  SWOM works just like facebook and twitter, the only key difference is that SWOM offers compensation benefits to its member especially if you upgraded your membership category.

Here are simple ways to earn Money from SWOM:

- Connecting with existing members.
- Asking questions
- Interacting to other members by posting to their wall.
- Posting messages to your own wall.
- Greetings; you can earn money by simply saying hello to other members.
- By referring other free members or gold members.

One of the best thing in SWOM is that you can earn even YOU DON’T REFER A SINGLE PERSON!  Yes, that is one of the things I really like in SWOM.  I don’t need to refer just so I can earn.  By being active there just like what I usually do in my facebook, I easily earn money every single day.

How to Get Started?

  1. Click this link -> www.swom.com
  2. Register for FREE
  3. Fill out all the necessary information asked
  4. Once done, verify your registration by clicking the verification email sent by swom or by simply logging in to swom.
  5. Update your profile and it is highly suggested to put pictures so that people will easily connect with you.
  6. Begin earnings points by connecting with other people in the network, writing to your wall, answer to other’s messages or questions, accept new friends.
  7. To easily connect with other people, just click the picture of the person under your contacts which located at the right side of your dashboard.  Doing this will open the profile of the person you click and you can begin making friends with all the people in his/her connection.
  8. It is also good to review the FAQ of SWOM to learn more about the benefits as well as procedures.

What is SWOM? The New Business Social Network

What is SWOM.com? SWOM Is a social media site designed with online marketers in mind. You get paid for making great connections and promoting your business. SWOM is new, wide-open internet real estate. You can set up a Group under virtually any name you want. SWOM is for action takers, deal makers and those looking for residual income. SWOM is where opportunity knocks. 

I originally thought SWOM meant Society for Word of Mouth, but actually it stands for Super World of Marketing or Super Word of Mouth. Good concept. Everyone knows word of mouth works. So it's a fine choice of a name for an business networking community.

I joined the SWOM Team in February, and have already made over 1000 connections with new business friends in all parts of the world.

A high percentage of the first wave of people joining SWOM are internet marketers But I think SWOM will turn out to be a useful promotion tool for anyone and everyone who has a business website or offers services on the internet. 

SWOM.com officially launched on March 1, 2010.

If you do not have a Swom account yet, click here to get started

Sign Up to SWOM 

Why wait to join? There are definite advantages to becoming a SWOM member (a swommie?) right away.

You can set up a Group -- like on FaceBook -- for pretty much any title or category you like. Think about that! 

If you have a great business to promote, you might be the first person on SWOM to make a group about it. That means you could easily cultivate a large, responsive group of highly targeted people quite quickly.
Those people may well follow you into your business, and even into other businesses you suggest.

How much can I earn?

As much as you like! There are 5 main ways of earning commissions:

  • $15 Instant Referral Bonuses
  • Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses
  • 'Gold Evangelist' Bonuses
  • Community Participation Bonuses
  • Gaining visibility for your own opportunities

Winning Community Check Points While Sleeping

Winning community chest (CC) points while sleeping is like making money while sleeping.

In several occasions, I woke up in the morning winning between 10 –150 CC points. Swom never seizes to amaze me.

I am going to share with you how you can win CC points while you’re away from your computer but before that, let me refresh and give you some tips on how you can earn points and CC points. Maybe you are familiar with these but I recommend reading some notes and tips on how you can effectively earn community points.

These are the possible ways to earn community participation points:

·         Make Connections – You can earn points when you accept a connection or when your connection request has been accepted by the other member. You cannot earn points by requesting alone. Your request should be accepted to earn a point. This is one of the methods that will let you earn CC points while you’re away from your PC.

·         Post Messages- You can earn points by posting messages in the dashboard, in the walls or in groups.

Note: Swom will not credit a point if you post the same message over and over again. Your message should be different every time you post.

Tip: Instead of posting “Good Morning!” personalize it by adding the member’s name like “Good Morning John!”

Warning: When you post a message with a link, 5 points will be deducted from your points.

Tip: To avoid this deduction, just strip the http:// or www part from the URL.

If the URL is = => http://swom.com/people/122898

Strip the http:// and it should look like this = => swom.com/people/122898

Note: But sometimes it is worth to spend 5 points for a very important link. So be it.

·         Post a Comment or Reply – by responding to anyone’s post, you can also earn a point.

Note: When you post a comment or reply, make sure that it is relevant to the original message or relevant to other comments. If I see a comment not related to my message or to other comments, I usually delete it. I also recommend doing the same to discourage other members in spamming our conversations.

·         Refer Members – by referring members you can also earn points. I highly recommend that you do this very often. Share your Swom business to others. By doing this, you have a great chance of referring gold members that will let you earn $15 and a residual income of $5 per month.

·         Post a Question or Answer a Question in the Open University - You can earn a point by asking or answering a question. I suggest asking a question in the Open University to earn more points.

Note: If your question is voted up in the Open University, you will earn an additional 2 points per vote. If your answer is voted up, you will earn an additional 5 points per vote.

Tip: As much as possible limit your questions to marketing as suggested by Swom. Some members might click the report spam link if you go beyond this limit.

Tip: Make sure your answer is relevant to the question and doesn’t include any business opportunity links. Some members will vote down answers they don’t like. Every vote down will cost you 5 points each and will be deducted from your accumulated points.

·         Post a Testimonial (earn 50 points if accepted) – Posting testimonials give you greater visibility with potential contacts and increase your influence.

     Make sure to include the following:
   o    Why do you like Swom and how has Swom helped your business?
   o    How has Swom helped you promote your business?
   o    How much have you earned from Swom both directly and indirectly?
      o    Do you have screenshots of your earnings or Alertpay statement showing your      

        Swom income? (People love seeing ‘proof’!)
        o    Have you made any connections through Swom?

·         Encourage SWOMMERS to upgrade to gold – Do you love to spread the word about the benefits of SWOM gold? Being a gold evangelist may be suitable for you! When a free member is converted to gold because of your invitation, you will receive a portion of the shares that the SWOM is earning from the gold membership fee. That means more income revenue for you.

·         Referring your friends to SWOM – Good things like SWOM are hard to keep to ourselves. So sharing it with our family, friends, and colleagues or just about anyone you think would benefit from SWOM is a breeze. When they join and upgrade to gold, you will receive commissions every month as long as they continue to be gold. 

Note: Remember, tricking other people to upgrade to gold is less beneficial because downgrading to free membership is so easy. As a gold evangelist, it is important to properly inform your SWOM converts about the pros and cons of the gold membership. This will give you a clearer conscience and a continuous stream of income month after month.P

      1.  More business contacts
      2.  Create your own groups
      3.  Monthly income (Your points will be converted to cash!)

    *CONS (You can also benefit from free membership)      
      1.  Low cost monthly payment

Your earnings can be gauged by a point system that will increase as you become more active in the SWOM community. More points mean you earn more cash.
From Julio Magallanes..

If you do not have a Swom account yet, click here to get started.

How to cover your Swom fee

Swom can be very valueable even for free members, but if you know what you do
you can easily earn more from
than the monthly fee will cost you.

Even without any personal referrals.

The cost of upgrading from free member of Swom to Gold is $24.95 monthly.
You have 2 options for upgrading, credit card and

No matter which option you use to upgrade you should get yourself an AlertPay account and verify it as soon as possible. Choose Business or Pro to be able to accept CC payments. Better to have your AlertPay account ready for use when you want to use it.

How to cover your Swom fee without referrals

All you have to do is max your Swom points dailyThe amount I have received for just maxing my Swom points daily has so far been higher than the monthly fee, which means not only covering but profit. The profit has decreased monthly as more people understand how the system work, but it’s still profit and I expect it to continue as most people are unable to max daily. To make it easier for you to cover your monthly Swom fee you should go for the Gold Evangelist bonus which are given to anyone that helps any free member to upgrade to gold by giving advice, answering questions etc.

Community participation and Gold Evangelist alone was enough to cover my fee after only 13 days of the August 10th – September 10th earning period, which means that all the other days and any referrals that upgrade will be profit. The only thing you have to do to get a piece of this bonus from Swom is to write the word gold to a free member before he/she upgrades, regardless of who the sponsor is.

The free member has to upgrade within 30 days after you write gold for you to be credited.

If you include the word gold when you greet new connections, which you should as described in how to max your Swom points daily, it will be easy, automatic and no extra effort.

Please don’t say: Go Gold NOW or anything similar to an order, and remember that
once is enough. You will see those that include gold in every message, even when
they copy/paste 4 messages in a row. 
There’s also no point whatsoever to write the word gold to gold members.

How to cover your Swom fee with referrals

If you decide to promote Swom to others and get signups that upgrade it gets much easier to cover your monthly fee and even easier to profit so you can withdraw your earnings to AlertPay or use it on banner advertising inside Swom.

1 referral that upgrades you will give you $15.00 the first month. You will then get $5.00 every month as long as the person stay upgraded. If you teach your signup to do the same as you and earn more than the fee the $5.00 will come in every single month as long as Swom exists. 

If you only earn from referrals this would cover you every month:

First month: 2 referrals that upgrade ($5.00 profit)
Second month: 1 referral that upgrade + recurring 2 from previous month
Third month: 1 referral that upgrade + recurring 3 from previous months ($5.00 profit)
Fourth month: 1 referral that upgrade + recurring 4 from previous months ($10.00 profit)
Fifth month: Recurring 5 from previous months

Anything above this will give you more profit, $15.00 the first month and $5.00 recurring.

The best way to cover your fee would of course be a combination of both 

From Roger Bjornerud..
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