Earn Money from Swom
Strategy for maxing your points in Swom daily

Warning: Don’t put links in posts unless you really want to, as it cost you points.

Your points decide how much you will receive from Swom when Swom does the payrun on the 10th.
You can earn a maximum of 200 point per day.
In addition you can win points from random Community Chests (CCs).
You can get a Community Chest every time you do something that normally generates points.

Here’s a list of the ways you can earn points in Swom:

make a new connection     +1
post a status update or wall message     +1
post a comment or reply     +1
refer a new member     +1
post a question or answer     +1
question is voted up     +2 per vote
answer is voted up     +5 per vote
post a testimonial (if accepted)     +50
win community chest
(you get a small chance of this every time you do any of the above) between 5 – 100

post a message with a link/URL in it     Spend 5 points

Of these different ways to earn points in Swom, these are the ones you have total control of:

Accepting a new Swom connection
Posting a message

You have some control over how many points you get from sending connection requests.
The rest you have no control over and 1 can even give you negative points.

Here is a strategy to get max points in Swom every day.
Please read everything and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Accept all connection requests in Swom.
Send a message to everyone you connect with in
Send atleast 200 connection requests every day.

To take the last first, sending connection requests in Swom does not guarantee you
any points, but it is highly unlikely that everyone will reject your request.

If you go via another Swommers contactlist, you should use mine, you will atleast
be sending your connection request to people that has accepted once, and avoid all
the ones that has failed to answer or rejected my connection request.

If 100 people accept your connection requests within the same day you are basically
covered as that gives you 100 points (exluding Community Chests) and you get the otherv100 when you send each of them a message.

Sending a message will give you a point every time, unless you have sent the same
message before or reached your daily limit for points you can earn in
You can find the clock at the bottom of the income tab.

To avoid writing the same over and over you use generic messages with room for names. An example would be:

     Thank you for connecting with me Firstname.

You leave the field Firstname blank of course and edit in the name of the person
you are communicating with. Please always do your best to write their name correctly.
More about generic text later.

Accepting connection requests in Swom should be the last you do for the day.
You should only do it if you haven’t maxed your points or really want to connect fast.
1 day to or from really doesn’t matter much.

Accepting connection requests in Swom is worth 2 points.
1 point for the connection pluss 1 point for sending them a message.

If you add questions in your posts you increase the chance of dialogue.
You should of course only add questions that you want answered.

200 point within a day in Swom could be like this:

80 connections
80 initial messages
20 with 1 extra messages
15 with 2 extra messages
5 with 3 extra messages

like this:

100 connections
100 initial messages

or just 200 connections.

Connecting without communication is wasting good advertising in Swom.
Communicating without following up when they reply is wasting good advertising in

If you have the time you should atleast communicate with everyone you can,
even after you max your daily 200 points in
 Swom because you can still win CCs
and it’s marketing you and your business.

Marketing you and your business should be one of the major reasons you are a member of Swom.

From Roger Bjornerud..

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